gabecounts112594's offical YouTube logo, which debuted in 2009.

gabecounts112594 (also known as simply "Gabe") is a video gamer, hacker, machinimist, and director on YouTube. He is also believed to be one of the greatest non-machinima partered Machinimst. Gabe has been on YouTube for nearly 2 years, and as of July 3, 2010, uploaded 121 videos, and gained 84 subscribers.


The first movie Gabe made was in 2007 on his Windows ME Edition Computer. He was a fan on RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 at the time, so he made a lot of videos. He didn't have internet connection at the time, so Gabe could only show my videos to his family.

That changed when he bought a Windows XP Computer. Gabe soon made more videos that looked a bit like the ones that he makes today. He soon figured out a way to make DVD's, so now, Gabe can make videos, and have a wider viewing range for my videos. In fact, he made so much videos, that he claims to have almost filled out his C: Drive on his computer.

Then, Gabe soon heard of YouTube. He tried to get on YouTube 2 years ago, but there was some trouble. When he finally got internet connection, Gabe tried once again to make a YouTube account. He tried to make a account, called gabecounts1125, but he entered the wrong E-mail address. So Gabe had to start over, and make a new account, gabecounts112594.

Gabecounts112594 Logo

gabecounts112594's first logo. Which only made an appearance in his channel in early 2009. Was replaced in April 2009.

His first video, Destruction of the New Line Cinema Logo, showed what kind of videos Gabe made for his family. Soon he discovered what the majoriy of people preferred to watch, so he made more videos for his account to better please his audience. Then, around 2009, Gabe announced his first Machinima series called "Super Mario: Cold Killer" Which concists of Mario, Luigi, and other YouTubers stopping a Planet Killer.

By the time High School was starting for him, Gabe had less time to make his videos, due to grades. But eventually, he was able to make more series's, particily Video Game Walkthrough's. As of July 2010. He has three series to work on. 1 of which is still Super Mario: Cold Killer, the other 2 are Pokemon game Walkthorughs.

In MachinimaEdit

Super Mario: Cold KillerEdit


gabecounts112594's First appearance in Super Mario: Cold Killer.

gabecounts112594 is one of the 5 YouTubers who makes an appearance in the Super Mario Cold Killer series. Gabe is reavealed in the first episode of the series, alongside Jeremy12399. He tells Mario and Luigi that he and several other friends are wanting to help them in their struggles againist the Planet Killer. Gabe tells that he and Jeremy12399 were one of the first people to see the Planet Killer and to observe it's behavior, 2 years piror to the settings of Cold Killer. Gabe also says that he and his friends made a teleporter that transports people one planet to the next, which was how they were able to reach the Mushroom Kingdom. For the other episdoes, he has helped Mario, Luigi, and the others in ordering what to do next.

Other appearancesEdit

gabecounts112594 has made appearances in other videos, such as Super Mario 64: The 8 Evil Gods. Where he Mario, Luigi, mariodude96, and marioluigi191 try to stop 8 Evil Gods. Gabe has also made an apearance in dalejhunter's Shadow Rising series, where he is seen beating Kizone in Pokemon Battle Revolution. It is also rumored that Gabe will appear in dalejhunter's Crystal Chronicles series, but it isn't confirmed.


As revealed in August 23, 2009, Gabe had a Pokemon Diamond Team, however on April 18, 2010, he reseted his Diamond game in order to make a Diamond Walkthrough. Thus, his Diamond Team dosen't exsist anymore. However, on October 17, 2009, Gabe revealed a Pokemon Platinum team, which he has used in 2 DS battles and 3 Battle Revolution battles. He says that he got Pokemon SoulSilver when it came out on March 14, 2010. There is a possibility that he also has a SoulSilver Team, but he hasen't said anything about a SoulSilver Team.

Pokemon Platinum TeamEdit

Houndoom - Lv 100

Dark Pulse

Houndoom as it uses Dark Pulse in Pokemon Battle Revolution.


Iron Tail


Passho Berry

Crobat - Lv 100

Shadow Ball

Aerial Ace

Sludge Bomb


Poison Barb

Lucario - Lv 100

Dragon Pulse

Lucario as it uses Aura Sphere in Pokemon Platinum.

Aura Sphere


Stone Edge

Focus Sash

Gardevoir - Lv 100

Focus Blast



Energy Ball

Odd Incense

Garchomp - Lv 100


Garchomp as it uses Outrage in Pokemon Battle Revolution.


Fire Blast


Persim Berry

Glalie - Lv 100

Sheer Cold

Ice Beam




Pokemon Black and WhiteEdit

A interviewer asked Gabe what he will do when Pokemon Black and White come out in Spring 2011. He had this to say: "Pokemon can adapt, so I can adapt to." He claims that he will not transfer his Platinum team to Black and White unless by request. To end the interview, he had to say this: "Even if I had a good team, it would take me about 6 months to level them up to 100. This also counts for SoulSilver."


Gabe was offered by mariodude96 to work on a group Machinima series called "Super Mario 64: The 8 Evil Gods." In 2009, the first episode was uploaded but since then, there wasn't any sign of a second episode. Neither Gabe or mariodude96 has said anything about it, but it is likely that they are busy with other projects. Gabe has also helped dalejhunter with pre-watching some of his Machinima, to know if the Machinima is suitable for YouTube.

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